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While the term „binär“ (engl.: binary) always had a clear meaning in itself, there are nuances depending on how it is applied.

In short, it stands for duality. Anything that’s binär can be broken down into two parts. One element is followed by the other. Our digital world is founded on Binärcodes, the predecessors to our computers, smartphones et cetera ran on 0s and 1s.

Applied to music, most of electronic music is binär. It builds up slowly, one element is followed by the next, a hi-hat comes, a synth is replaced with quietness, which is followed by bass.

And while this formula works for most of the spectrum, it’s not limited to one genre in particular. The event series called BINÄR is founded on this idea of terminology.

Yet, in society, it stands for the idea of binary genders - male and female - this might be the most popular definition of the word binär. We believe there’s more to it, and as the Binärsystem works, it could also emphasise the cultural shift we’re currently in - ideas of society get updated by something new, something broader, something more welcoming, open, non-binär.

The BINÄR series wants to host a safe space, where duality supersedes the idea of traditional roles and clusters. Our form of duality is: what may apply machines and music, doesn’t need to apply to ourselves, and eventually, to you. We invite to coexist, to let loose, to embrace - whoever you might be.

This, of course, comes with exceptions. As we strive to comfort everybody in being themselves, we do not accept discriminative and abusive practice. Anti-Semitism, racism, sexism, homo- and transphobia, sexual harassment. We urge to report any kind of abusive, threatening or discomforting behaviour, whether you experience it or observe it.

We want to host an inclusive space, in which you are invited to let go of societal norms, at least for the moment. In this form of duality, we open up a hideout from the daily. Come join us.


Podcast artwork by Carla Warneboldt

We honor the effort of Eric Schütt and Philipp Stoklossa

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